Studies by Architecture
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Welcome to MiniX

MiniX has various functionality allowing the users to run the experiments and samples smoothly and fast in a modern laboratory.

If you like to use this system, you need to contact the PI running the lab equipped with a MiniX system. This will allow them to detail questions about the experiment and what they would like to accomplish. Then a user account is created for the you, which allow you to design experimental designs. This process is done using a simple form based wizard and can be done in several steps over a period of days or weeks and allows you define species, organs and treatments. Based on this design MiniX is then generating a study for you.

This study contains the automatically determined classes to be run on the selected architecture of your choosing. This could be the integrated fully automatic binbase system or some other approach. Once your study is complete you can attach the results to it or other attachments, to have all your relevant data in a single place. This allows easier data exchange with other people and ensures that no results are getting lost.